Thursday, September 2, 2010

KOTD - poRICH vs Sensa

Sensa started the rap cypher warning poRICH about what he was getting himself into and spit about getting it on with his girl making her give more facial expressions than mind bender reacting to bars. He then use his adversary's girls name in one of his metaphors claiming that K.T. stands for Kid twist. He accused his adversary of being from a hick domain that was named after the British. poRICH wasted no time countering Sensa's line about how where he is from is named by The British settlers. He accused his adversary of calling Organik crying and told him that he gets no sympathy and it's part of his struggle. He said that he heard his adversary's girl is a battle rap groupie and claimed that he is screwing his opponents girl. He claimed that if he wants to keep his secrets deep in the dirt then he should find a different line of work. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

In the second round of the rap clash it seemed that Sensa was trying to imply that poRICH takes cigarette donations countering his last statement about how he couldn't make money. He accused his opposition of trying to be top tier but not being able to make it and claimed that his opponents family kicked him out. His metaphor about being rich was thorough and tried to imply that his adversary was crying when poRICH went to the U.K. to battle. Sensa then went in to rhyme and accused his opposition of mentioning Kid twist, Jack Shit, Thesaurus, and Soul Khan. He seemed to be trying to imply that his challenger was in the midst of his idols and tried to claim he couldn't raise money and almost didn't come there. He said that his adversary won in England but tried tell him to begin a losing streak and said that he could never pull a chick with his accent. This round of the rap clash was a tie.

In the third round of the rap battle Sensa said his opponent would try to shake the hands hands of the Fresh Coast people then compared poRICH's relationship with Kid Twist to Home alone. He seemed to be trying to call his adversary short and claimed that his adversary has a more respectable rap career and they both haven't made a track this year. He cursed at his opponent then claimed to have bee freestyle rapping his battle bars and I would say that he was especially when he incorporated his shirt into one of his metaphors. poRICH cursed at his Kid Twist t shirt when he started and apparently dis liked it. He brought up Jumpoff and said that his adversary be jumping on his bunk bed. He tried to call his adversary. Sensa won this round of the cypher.

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