Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KOTD - Hollohan vs Pat Stay

Pat Stay started the rhyme battle seeming to be implying that Hollohan said something rude about him and perhaps didn't clear it up so according to him they aren't friends. He claimed that if his opponent probably would have won against Thesaurus and accused him of not being humble. He then started to spit his oppositions entire verse that he had used in a match with his own twist to it and he seemed to be trying to imply that he wrote it. He said that he can't even share his raps with his adversary without him tying to steal it and accused him of being over sensitive and having issues. He called his rival Jeff and I guess that's his real name. Hollohan then went in to rhyme and said that Pat Stay can't get through a verse without using one of his lines. He claimed to be legend back home for doing street things and said that if he would've stuck around no one would've cared about him in The Elements League. He said hat his challenger was his little brother and said that his opponent was his mini me but just taller. He accused his adversary of being in a relationship with Facebook and tried to imply that he is sensitive about hurting peoples feelings. He accused his opponent of working at a 9 to 5 that doesn't even let him talk about anything that has to with rap. He incorporated the words to a Tupac song aka Dear Momma. He accused his challenger of being his wing man in the past and accused him of having the X box Live username Gucci Mane. I would say this round of the rap cypher was indecisive so I'd have to give it a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash Pat Stay then went into rhyme claiming that Thesaurus was right and seemed to be implying that Hollohan was a racist because of his tattoos. He tried to imply that the guy says white pride when you shake hands with him and accused him of beating his girl. He also tried to say that his adversary wanted to drop the N bomb and called him meat head that has no style. He got real lyrical towards the end ad claimed t have been in the league and claimed that if it wasn't for him his opposition would be nothing. Hollohan then began to rap claiming that Pat Stay was the real racist in there crew and tried to hide it by having a black barber. He tried to imply that his challenger of not having the slightest chance of beating him in a fight and threatened to come to his new living room and poop on the floor like he wasn't potty trained. He even tried to compare there family's and accused his opponent of getting his ass beat by a man who was 5 foot 5 when he was drunk. He claimed that his adversary reps the west coast and said he would stab him in the heart with a crucifix. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of the cypher Pat Stay started off by saying history lesson and said the elements league started in 2006 and said that Drect came across his rap battles on Youtube and seen how many views he was getting which apparently is the reason for Grind Time. He claimed that Organik started King Of The Dot which was inspired by Grind Time and the Elements League. He claimed to be the inspiration of the entire rap battle movement and claimed to have be the reason for Hollohan's existence. Pat Stay claimed that he was the reason his opposition started rhyming as well but still gave him props and told him he was nice with the pen and is good at drawing swastika's. He called his opposition holocaust either accidental or purposely. He said that his adversary use to be a skin head with a white pride tattoo. He tried to call his opposition a snitch and told him that he wasn't a man of honor. Hollohan called Pat Stay a rat for his last verse and said that there is a lot of things that he doesn't want him to say. He compared his opposition to the border patrol and claimed to be holding something inside for a long time that has been destroying him. He asked his adversary where he was when he got jumped in 05 and all of his real boys had his back and said that he ducked his cals and just avoided him. He accused him of offending his loyalty and cleared up the statement claiming that he didn't write all of his rhymes. He accused his adversary of taking credit for the work of others and told a story about executing his family one by one. He got extremely personal talking about how he had a blood clot and almost died but his long time close friend Pat Stay didn't visit him. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion but Pat Stay had the quotable punchline that I'm posting in sick punchlines and I have to question there friendship these guys are kind of foul.



  1. worst break down of a battle i have EVER read in my life. quit trying

  2. Wow this shit sucks, please call your internet provider and cancel your contract. Thank you.

  3. This made the battle much worse.


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