Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: PT vs Double/Deuce

PT started the first round of the first rap clash claiming that in Double/Deuce's jeans there is no blood of a rebel and called him a little bitch. He claimed that if he was jail he'd kick his opponents tray and called him fake. He claimed to not know what tossing salad was the last time he used it in a match. He started to spit more until Big Kannon called time on him. Double/Deuce went into the the rap cypher claiming that he was supposed to battle T-Rex but he ain't here and referred to PT as being a bulimic looking fiends in his lyrics. He compared his adversary to Barbecue, Flava Flave, and Gremlins. This round of the cypher was won by Double/Deuce in my opinion.

In the second round of rap clash PT claimed that Double/Deuce is a tall clumsy type look alike and tried to say that his adversary isn't very fond of women. He claimed that his opposition is supposed to win. Double/Deuce then went in to rhyme and spit like he was doing magic tricks. He claimed that his words can slash PT. I liked his performance ten times better and his rhymes were sick and he claimed that his adversary took his style. Double/Deuce won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of this rap cypher Double/Deuce went in to the rap battle saying that his PT looked like Andre 3000 which was kind of accurate. He said d that he had a two bar story. He said that PT had a whack image. He claimed that his Youtube has seven million plays. Double/Deuce then went into rhyme referring to PT as a roach and said that he killed him in the other rounds. He also compared his opposition to a street fighter character. He claimed that his challenger was the reason a lot of the footage didn't get played. Double/Deuce won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

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