Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Draft Presents P.Stacks Vs Dspiize

>Dspiize started the rap battle first saying that P.Stacks is a P body with a P brain He called himself past intense in the past tense and compared himself to a jab from Zab. He called himself a nerd that has sex with his oppositions girl in his dreams. P.Stacks then went in to rap and claimed he was enthused about it when he first found out about it then he was surprised to be matched up with Dspiize. He claimed that his challenger was just a loser and claimed that the person who set it up had a sick sense of humour. He claimed to be a beast and if he gave him a smack he'd end up forgetting about rap and just make beats. He claims that he wouldn't listen to what he produces. He ended with a syllabic verse and seemed to be hitting with harder more understandable punchlines. In my opinion P.Stacks won this round of the rap battle.

In the second round of the rap cypher Dspiize started spitting and told P.Stacks that he could stop his bluffing for the right price. He started spitting about how he first started rhyming but I couldn't really tell what he was trying to imply. He called his opponent a fat fuck and gave him a deep metaphor that was thorough and compared his rival to octopus prey. P.Stacks immediately started his verse calling Dspiize multi talented and said that he makes beats does graphics and raps. He called him retarded and called a white cracker and said he doesn't wanna hear his oppositions bitch ass rapping. He threatened to hurt his opposition on camera and his delivery was full of aggression. P.Stacks won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the hip hop battle Dspiize went in to rhyme and said he would beat P.Stacks up and compared his own wits to computer chips. He called his adversary an e-wok. He said that his opponent couldn't get wt pussy as his ending. P.Stacks then went in to spit and said he did research on Dspiize music was research and said the guy was from bay shore. He claimed he was live and told them to respect his G. Dspiize won this round of the cypher basred on presence and delivery.

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