Thursday, April 1, 2010 Rap Battle: Kaine vs K.O. N.

This round was crazy in this rap battle. K.O. N. had some real comical rap punchlines. This dude was a super live rapper.K.O.N. changed the momentum of this rap battle from the beginning when he said, "your guardian angel shouldn't have been sleeping on the job". Kaine spit some hot fire and had crazy rap punchlines but in my opinion he really didn't have what it took to make a comeback.

K.O. N. took the second round of this rap battle too. I must say his rap punchlines were too hard on point they. Kaine bit off more than he could chew by calling K.O. N. out. I don't know what he was trying to prove and i didn't like any of his rap verses in the second round if you ask me.His rap verses were too one dimensional and elementary.K.O. N. took this round of the rap battle

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