Friday, April 2, 2010

Rap Battle Grind TIme Presents: Everybody Knows vs Pariah (verses)

In the first round of this rap battle Everybody Knows won this round . his rap punchlines was funny he sunned his opponent Pariah in the first round of this rap battle.It seemed like Everybody Knows was freestyle rapping from the top of the dome which made things way more interesting in this verse of the rap battle.I must say Pariahs rap flow was more consistent and fluent in this first round of the rap battle. Pariahs great at putting words together. He was good at syllable rhyming and his punchlines were dope.Everybody Knows made Pariah look funny.

In the second Pariah went hard but Everybody Knows stepped his rap flow game up in this round of this rap battle.Everybody knows was hitting Pariah with crazy rap uppercuts and left him defenseless in the second round of this rap battle. Everybody knows is a crazy rapper. The second round goes to Everybody Knows without a doubt in my mind.

In the third round of this Rap Battle Everybody Knows knows seemed to be more clever and witty. Pariah had hot rap punchlines and his rap flow was point. Pariah punchlines were in your face and crazy. I think Pariahs version wasn't light hearted enough based on his skills I can't say that he lost this rap battle but based on rap delivery I would say Pariah lost this rap battle.

IN the last round Everybody Knows started the round of the rap battle off and was really funny. Pariah won this round of the rap battle. Everybody knows didn't come at Pariah hard enough in this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

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