Friday, April 16, 2010

Rap Battle: Illegal vs Artisan. Las Vegas Rap Battle League

Artisan started the rap battle off in the first round of this rap battle. Artisan had a crazy rap flow and his rap rhymes were fluent. He was pretty good when it came to rhyming with syllables and his rap punchlines were straight. I'm mad that the dudes in Artisans crew was talking junk while Illegal was trying to rap and spit his rap verse but anyways, Artisan was better in this round of the rap battle. I would give this round of the rap battle to Artisan.

Artisan had better rap punchlines in this round of the rap battle he stepped it up and brought that good old a game of his. Artisans rap punchlines were clever and witty Illegal would have to do a lot digging to come up with the hot fire that Artisan was spitting. In the second round of this rap battle things got heated and a fight almost occurred while Illegal was spitting his rap verse. Thank god there was some one there to intermediate.Illegal didn't even get to finish his rap verse The rap battle jumps right to the third round of the rap battle. Too bad Illegal was actually starting to rap with some fire but o well.

In the third round of this rap battle Artisan started his round off with dis respectful rhyme and lyrics. Artisan had one or two hot rap punchlines nothing more or extra.Illegal was hot in this round of the rap battle until he messed up I love his rap delivery and if he was freestyle rapping he's pretty dam skillful. I would have to give this round of the rap battle to Artisan.

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