Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FEVER VS. HIDRALLICS - Philly Street Battle 2010

Fever rapped like he was out of his mind in the first round of this rhyme battle. I'm mad that everyone knew Fevers rhymes and was finishing his rhyme verses for him. In my opinion HIDRALLICS won this round of the rhyme battle without a doubt his rhyme bars went in better.

In round two FEVER was going sick but why all his boys was finishing all his rhymes. I like Fever's rhyme flow it's different but it was no good when everyone was finishing his rhymes. Philly had a smoother rhyme flow. I was feeling HIDRALLICS rhyme punchlines. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the third round both of these rapper went bananas but FEVER verse was longer. I don't know why they cut FEVER's rhyme verse extra short but whatever .This round of the battle was a tie in my opinion.



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