Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now / 9Five Eyewear Presents: Prophit vs Cobra Ky

I respect Prophit he's a real dude for stepping up to start the rap battle off in the first round.Prophit s battle rap verse and rap rhymes weren't that hot. Cobra Ky had few more reactions from the crowd than Prophit. Cobra Ky's battle raps had the crowd on it's feet a little more.So I would have to give this round of the rap battle to Cobra Ky. For the most part this round of the rap battle was evenly matched but Cobra Ky's battle raps was a bit hotter. This round of the rap battle go's to Cobra Ky.

Prophit had a lot of expression when he was rapping Prophit came harder in this round with the battle raps. Prophit had battle rap lyrics for days and his battle rap punchlines were good. Cobra Ky had his boy jump in which I didn't think was very fair. Cobra Ky put a lot of syllabic rhymes together. I give this round of the rap battle to Prophit.

In the third round of rap battle. Prophit killed Cobra Ky in this round of the rap battle. Prophit took the rap battle with his hard hitting rap rhymes. Profit won the last round of this rap battle.

Cobra Ky started off the fourth and last round of this rap battle and he had a few hot battle rap lyric punchlines went pretty dam hard. I would have to say that Cobra Ky won and he had more rap punchlines that spontaneous in the end. What really woke the crowd up was when Cobra Ky used Sara Kana's name for one of his battle rap punchline right in front of her face. Great Sports men ship at the end.

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