Sunday, April 4, 2010

Osna Vs Aksent Emcee Battle

This Rap Battle in the first round was slayed by Osna. Aksent had a super short rap verses was too short and he didn't say anything good. I honestly think Aksent was freestyle rapping.In my opinion Aksent had a corny rap delivery and he fumbled his rap lyrics once or twice. Aksent was rap delivery reminded me of Grand Master Flash or some type old school rapper.Yo Aksent said, "I'm gonna make you sweat with sweaters" wow he needs to practice freestyle rapping more or just battle rap with written rap verses to keep his integrity. I felt sorry for Aksent first round of the rap battle.

In the second round of this rap battle Aksent was saying anything his rap lyrics he was wack. This round of the was worse than Freeway getting killed by Cassidy in a rap battle. Aksent lost his mind when he was rapping. Osna had a super rap verse. It was funny when Osna mentioned Jenna Haze in his rap verse.Aksent said, "understand that I'm rapping cuz I am so loud" What does that mean?

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