Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freestyle Rap Battle L3 Vs C Gunna

L3 started this rap battle off and it sounded like he started off battle rapping.C gunna won this round of the rap battle. C Gunna had more rap punch lines non of them were really that smooth with the rap delivery. Both of these rappers wasn't too good at putting together rap lyrics together with syllables.

In the second round of this rap battle things got a tad bit more interesting. C gunna was a little more to the point but he went off topic once or twice. C Gunna's last rap punchline was the hardest rap punch line of this round of the rap battle.C gunna won this round of the rap battle but I like L3's rap freestyle delivery.

In the third round of this rap battle L3 went sick without a doubt. C gunna won this rap battle because towards the end of his rap verse he was getting on L3. L3 wasn't getting at C gunna hard enough.


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