Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now Presents: Taz vs Mr. ET

This rap battle was crazy in the first round. Taz went first with his very syllabic battle rap verses. Taz ended his battle rap verse before the clock stopped.Mr ET was just as syllabic with his battle rap punchlines and his battle rap delivery was stronger. Mr. ET won this this rap battle

In the second round of this rap battle Taz had a funny ending but not as funny ET's ending was funnier.MR. ET brought syllable battle raps to a whole new level. He had way more to say as far as rap battling goes. MR. ET won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of the rap battle these two MC's were clever as hell and had great battle rap lyrics. ET was beat Taz again in round three of the rap battle. I liked both of there battle rap lyrics they have skills.

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