Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rap Battle KOTD - PY - ET vs Gridlocked (Try-Out)

PY - ET started the rap battle first and his rap punchlines were dead Idon't know if he was freestyle rapping or what.PY - ET killed Gridlocked in the first round of the rap battle with his witty rap punchlines. PY left ET flabbergasted with his rap punchlines.

Gridlocked mopped the floor with PY - ET in the first round of this rap battle. ET must have been freestyling off the top of the dome because he was just saying anything. Gridlocked killed this round with his rap delivery

The third round of the rap battle was bad. PY - ET looked like he was paranoid when he was rapping.PY - ET's rap expression was super quiet. Grid locked won this round of the rap battle.


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