Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now Presents: Street Profit vs K Reed

In the first round of the rap battle Street Profits rap battling skills were thorough.K Reed was battle raps were just as good.This round of the rap battlewas a tie I can't call who won the first round of it. K Reed defended himself great in the first round and changed the momentum of how this rap battle ends up playing out

In the second round of this rap battle I don't know what Street profit was trying to prove but he didn't have not one good rap punchline. K Reed had the best battle raps in round 2. K Reed did't just have the rap delivery. He had the rap skill those rap punchlines and the rap flow.

in the third round of this rap battle K Reed sunned Street Profit all the way with his clever battle raps. Street profit said a whole bunch of nothing in this round of the rap battle. K Reed won this rap battle hands down.

Sonny Bamboo And Grind Time Midwest Presents: Monsters In The Midway, Vol. 1

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