Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rap Battle KOTD - The Poet Trees vs BK

In round one of this rap battle The Poet Trees went sick wit syllabic battle raps. The Poet Trees had a few Montreal battle rap insults in the end.BK sounded more aggressive in the first round of this rap battle. This round of the Rap battle round in my opinion was a tie.

In the second round of the rap battle murdered this round of the rap battle.BK was an even match as far as rap rhymes and battle raps go.The Poet Trees was way more syllabic rhyming with his battle raps BK sounded more aggressive but based on skill I would sat that The Poet Trees was a better battle rap mc.

In the third round of the rap battle. The Poet Trees brought this rap battle to another level. BK had more battle rap punchlines but he was less lyrical in this round. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion

In the fourth and last round of the rap battle BK didn't come hard enough and I think he had less battle rap punchlines.The Poet Trees was a sicker battle rap MC in this round of the rap battle .

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