Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rap Battle King Vs D Flamz - Head Hunters Mar. 31

In the first round of this rap battle King came pretty hard. D Flamz had a better rap flow and rap punchlines in this round of the rap battle.His delivery was more hype when it came to rapping.D Flamz was hot too but I would have to give this round of the rap battle to King.

King held this round of the rap battle down. He didn't have to raise his voice up while he rapped and hype his rap delivery up. King was already a strong rap Mc with hot real hot rap metaphors.D Flamz had hot rhymes but his rap delivery made it a little more hyper.

King seemed to be freestyle rapping his last verse of this rap battle. King made a made fairly accurate statement about D Flamz sounding rapping like a dude from up north in-fact I thought he was from Philly based on his voice and rap delivery . D flamz spit some hot fire in this last round of the rap battle but I didn't agree with his rap punch line when he said something about Leo's being liars and deceivers when everybody knows that Gemini's are the liars. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

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