Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now Presents: Nfact vs Speedy Calhoun

In the first round of this rap battle Speedy Calhoun did a bitch move when he won the coin toss and picked for his opponent togo first instead of rap battling first. Speedy Calhouns rap verse was garbage in my opinion. Nfact had a killer battle raps punchline when he got on how dark his opponent even-though his rap battling opponent was even really but whatever it was still a funny battle raps punchline. Nfact won this round of the rap battlee hands down.

Nfact went sick in round 2 of this rap battle in his battle raps and the ending of Nfact was smooth he was good at putting together rap syllables and rap words together. Speedy Calhoun's battle rap lyrics were dry and bland during this round of the rap battle. Nfact detroyed this rapper named Speedy Calhoun

In round 3 of this rap battle Nfact was funny and tried to bring up straight facts. Nfact was funny. Speedy Calhoun was garbage in this round of the rap battle, it sounded like Speedy calhoun was trying to freestyle rap but he couldn't pull it off. You shouldn't experiment with that type of stuff when you are rap battling. If you haven't mastered freestyle rapping you should leave it alone and rap a written rap verse. Nfact won this rap battle easy.

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