Monday, April 19, 2010

Grind Time Now / 9Five Eyewear Presents: QB vs Young Gattas

This rap battle was hell a interesting it felt good to finally see someone from my state rap battling. QB held it down in the first round of the rap battle I just don't like how she came across in the end of her rap verse in my opinion she set the tone for the whole rap battle with her disrespectful extra comments she made but it is what it is. I like that QB volunteered to start the rhyme battle first that's whats up and she had some hot rap punchlines too. Young Gattas was funny she had some shit that you wouldn't think about This round was a tie in opinion. I felt the energy.

In the second round of the rap battle QB went hard and she had some funny rap punchlines. Young Gattas had a better rap flow and her she seemed more professional she wasn't losing her cool being dis respectful. Gattas took this round of the rap battle slightly.This round kind of reminded me of two girls fighting in High School.

In the third round of the rap battle QB started off funny and I didn't like the way she ended mad disrespectful extra things to say and not enough rap punchlines . Young Gattas ain't have to dis CT like that but judging her based on rap skills Young Gattas won this round of the rap battle. QB just seemed a little too much like she had something to prove it's like why are you starting a fight when you are supposed to be rap battling that's some corn ball shit.

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