Monday, April 12, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now Presents: Yadi vs Ayvee

In the first round of this rap battle Ayvee started rap battling off.Ayvee's strongest point while rapping was his syllabic battle rap lyrics. Yadi had straight battle raps. Yadi had extremely funny fat man jokes in his battle raps. Yadi even though some educational facts in his battle raps verse.Yadi won the first round of the rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap battle Ayvee was kind of corny spitting corny battle rap lyrics. Yadi was funny his battle rap punchlines were funny as hell. Yadi kept the crowd on there toes. I enjoyed Yadi's battle raps more so I would have to give this round of the rap battle to him. Ayvee sucked in the beggining of this rap battle round but he got a little better towards the end of his rap verse and his battle raps delivery was half ass. I think he tried to hard at rap battling.

In the third round of this rap battle Ayvee had got killed by Yadi extremely hard battle rap punchlines. Ayvee had a slick ending at the end of his rap battle. Yadi said real mean battle rap lyrics towards the end of his battle rap verse.

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