Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rap Battle : Veloci-Rapper vs K-Flow

In the first round of this rap battle Veloci-Rapper killed his rap opponent K-Flow.K flow held it down in this rap battle but Veloci-Rapper came with more intensity during his rap verse and won by a tiny spec of hair.Both these emcee rappers were very evenly matched a great amount of skill just rapped better. I found it extremely funny when that old man drunkard was laughing behind him.

In the second round of this rap battle K-Flow had an ill rap flow and he rap punchlines. In the last round Veloci-Rapper was messing up in the middle of his rap verses. He didn't even get to rap because he couldn't even spit his rap verses. It seemed like he tried to memorize some written rap verses but he forgot his rap punchlines . K flow won this round of the rap battle without a doubt.

In the third round of this rap battle Veloci's rap flow was crazy dope but it was unimpressive how he kept on stopping in the middle of his rap verse. K-flow stayed consistent in the third round of this rap battle but at the same time I would call this rap battle a tie. I don't know what do you think?

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