Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KOTD - PY - Notez vs Daze (TRYOUT)

In the first round of this rap battle Notez came hard his rap flow was consistent and his battle raps were pretty fluent . I enjoyed the rap punch line when Notez made references to Street Fighter. Notez had real rap delivery that you can feel.I liked both of these rappers they represented in the first round so I'd have to say the first round of this rap battle was a tie.

In the second round of this rap battle daze slipped on one of his rhymes but he still went hard and he did his thing. Daze went sick when he rapped. Notez was good I thought his rap delivery real. He was a funny character. Both these rappers hard funny rap punch lines.

in the third round of this round of this rap battle Notez went sick and his rap metaphors and the way he put together rap syllables were great. I enjoyed this rap round of the rap battle.This round of the rap battle was also a tie in my opinion.

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